We have framed dozens of clients for murder…both at private parties and corporate events. Our clients have included Water 2 Wine: South Austin, Bigcommerce, Legalzoom, The Ground to Grub Supper Club, Mazama Coffee Company, and Dive Bar & Lounge. Here’s what some of our clients have been saying about us on the internet:

“We attended a large production Murder Mystery downtown a few years ago that was put on by a different company. It was a large expensive production with actors and 60-80 guests. We did not know anyone we were sitting with and the only real involvement we had was filling out the questionnaire at the end to submit our guess. We were not not impressed with the event or the food. We recently hired Sean for a Ground to Grub Supper Club event at our home. I’m glad we gave the Murder Mystery thing another try. The event Sean put on was incredible. It was probably the most fun I have ever had at a dinner party and it had nothing to do with the wine. He was able to engage the guests and really bring out their hidden acting skills. Everyone had a blast. I would highly recommend Sean. It’s reasonably priced and well worth the money.”Bill M., Ground to Grub Supper Club
“Wow, I was excited to try one of these but didn’t entirely know what to expect. This is as good as it gets, spent my night laughing with friends and coworkers all while trying to discover who the murderer was! These guys had the entire night planned out very well, and had created a great story line to follow. If you’re looking for a great party with some mystery involved, these are your guys.”John E., Bigcommerce
“Had a fantastic evening with this team. 10/10 would recommend to a friend or co-worker. Top notch storytelling, fantastic flexibility (We probably weren’t an easy group to work with) and an appropriate length of program vs difficulty of mystery. Very professional, there is no doubt that you should choose Murder for Hire before you choose anyone else!”David G., Bigcommerce
“Our organization used the ‘Murder Mystery’ as a team building exercise. We were not sure what to expect and we were a little nervous. It was awesome! Solving the murder engaged everyone and had everyone laughing. We had roughly 80 people participating and it went off without a hitch. I would absolutely recommend Murder for Hire.”Paula F.
“What a great party we had with Sean and his team. I was a bit nervous about this, but it turned out to be the best party ever. I totally recommend this!!! They did a really good job and all of my friends want to do it again!!!”Thien N.